The Silver Lining Story

Hello, my name is Leslie Wagner. I'm the hands behind Silver Lining Knitting.

I started loom knitting about 20 years ago, after giving up on needle knitting. (I just never could get the knack of it!) I enjoyed working on looms and made a few blankets for my family; but life got in the way, and my looms ended up in the back of a closet.

Then, in November of 2018, I was diagnosed with lymphoma. I got out my looms, thinking this would be a good activity during chemo treatments, and when my energy was low from the side effects. I had a birthday just a few days after my first treatment, and my son bought me a book of Japanese knitting patterns. He was not aware that the patterns were very complex and written for needle knitting. But I thought they were so beautiful, I resolved to figure out how to adapt the patterns to loom knitting. So I spent many hours watching videos, practicing new stitches, and (through a lot of trial and error!) learned to create these lovely patterns on my looms. It was a way for me to be productive even when I couldn't be up and around much. So, knitting became the “silver lining” of my cancer treatment! 

I enjoy sharing my work with friends, family, and anyone who appreciates the beauty of something hand made! I hope to keep learning new stitches and creating more complicated projects in the future.

My Tattoo Story

I'm a person who never expected to get a tattoo! But cancer treatment leaves its mark on both body and soul. After treatment was over, and I was feeling better (and my hair was growing back!) I still saw the physical evidence of damage in the mirror every morning: the scars from my biopsy and chemo port surgeries. So, about 3 years after I finished treatment (and after sitting on the idea for about 2 years to be sure it was right), I got this tattoo. Now what I see in the mirror every morning reminds me that, while the damage exists, there are also new skills and purpose!
I send my support and light to all the cancer warriors and survivors out there!!