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Fine Lace Shawl

This lovely shawl is knitted in a delicate lace pattern and pale green color. A beautiful and useful addition to your spring wardrobe. Or use it as a table runner to add to your Easter decor. The yarn is a fine cotton, so it can be machine washed (with a bit of care!) It measures 68 x 20”. $85

Lacy Rainbow Scarf

This scarf is made from a beautiful rainbow color yarn with a gold thread woven through it. The colors, lace pattern touch of “bling” make a lovely, fashionable addition to your wardrobe at any time of year! It measures 10 x 54 inches, and is machine washable. $35

Zigzag Lace Scarf

This cozy scarf is made from a washable wool/acrylic blend yarn. So it’s soft and warm. The zigzag lace pattern and colors make it attractive as well. A great addition to your winter wardrobe! $35

 Lacy Caftan

A lacy cotton caftan in a beautiful purple or amber color. This piece would make a beautiful beach coverup, or add color to your little black dress. Or wear it in the fall to dress up jeans and a turtle neck. Fits women’s size medium or large, and made from sturdy, easy-care cotton yarn. $50

Rainbow Cowl

This lovely triangle cowl is knitted in easy-care acrylic yarn. The light, lacy pattern makes it wearable in fall, winter, or spring. The rainbow yarn adds color and beauty to your wardrobe! $40

Celtic Knot Shrug

The mystique of the British Isles can be part of your wardrobe in this beautiful shrug, with its Celtic knot pattern and ocean blue color. The wool blend yarn makes a cozy and comfortable wrap, adding style and elegance to your fall or winter fashion. Fits size medium to large. $75

Fuchsia Shrug

This light sleeved shawl will add color, style, and warmth to a fall or winter outfit. Its beautiful stitch pattern is elegant enough for evening wear, but it can also be used to dress up everyday fashion. Easy care acrylic yarn makes it a practical part of your wardrobe. Fits size medium to large. $50

Sparkly Red Scarf

This infinity scarf uses a lovely yarn in graduated colors from dark red to light pink. There are just a few sequins woven into the yarn, for a bit of sparkle! The acrylic fiber means it can be machine washed and dried. A lovely addition to your fall or winter wardrobe! $40

Orange Cowl

This lacy triangular cowl is knitted in high quality wool/nylon blend yarn, giving it a soft feel and beautiful drape. The lovely orange color, and light weight make it a great addition to your fall wardrobe. The blended fiber yarn can be machine washed and dried. $40

Shiny Christmas Placemats

This set of six placemats is knitted in a soft, acrylic blend yarn with a metallic sheen. Each piece is about 12"x18". They'll make a beautiful addition to your holiday table, or can be placed under decorations, plants or candles to add texture to your decor. $48

In the Garden Placemats

This set of 6 placemats is made in colors from the garden: strawberry, pistachio, and fuchsia. The yarn is washable acrylic, with just a bit of shine. Each piece is about 13" x 18". $48

Christmas Placemats

This set of four hand-knit placemats in dark red and silver will make a beautiful addition to your Christmas decor. Each piece is 14"x18" and features a subtle snowflake design. Use them on your dining table or to set off candles or other holiday decorations. 14" x 18” $30

Watercolor Placemats

This set of four placemats is done in water-y colors Each piece is 13" x 18". The acrylic yarn is easy to care for and has just a little shine! $30

Spring Color Placemats

This set of six placemats in hot pink, lilac, and green apple will look great on your table for Easter or any spring time occasion. Each piece is about 18" x 12", hand knitted in beautiful, lacy patterns. $48

Fluffy Poncho

This adult size poncho is made from incredibly soft, thick, fleece yarn. The beautiful stitch pattern gives it visual interest, so you'll love the look and feel of this great addition to your fall or winter wardrobe. $70

Kelly Green Poncho

Add a touch of the Irish to your wardrobe with this beautiful, cozy poncho. It’s knitted in a bulky wool yarn, so it will keep you warm even in damp weather. The lovely green color and Celtic knot pattern add style to casual or dressy outfits. Fits adult size medium to large. $70

Green Infinity Scarf

This scarf has lovely shades of green, with just a few sequins woven into the yarn for a bit a sparkle! The stitch pattern adds elegance and visual interest to any outfit! The yarn is acrylic blend, so it can be machine washed and dried. $40

Powder  Blue Poncho

This poncho is knitted in a lovely light blue yarn. It’s lacy pattern makes it light weight enough for spring or summer wear. The acrylic yarn has just a bit of sheen, so it’s attractive and easy to clean. $70

Black Lace Shawl

This lovely black lace shawl will make any outfit a little more formal. The acrylic/nylon blend yarn is soft and easy to care for, and compliments the delicate lace pattern. Measures 16”x73” and could also be used as a table runner!  $80